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Discover why The Share Zone Ltd stands apart from traditional charities. Unlike registered charities that often allocate significant portions of donations The Share Zone Ltd offers a completely free service without accepting donations, charges, or selling products. With a commitment to providing assistance without financial strings attached, The Share Zone prioritizes helping others over profit, making a positive impact without the need for financial contributions.


Are you Serving in the Royal Air Force RAF, British Army or Royal Navy & receive or want to receive support care packages, but never get what you need or want? B4S helps you build your own wishlist, which you then share with family, friends & other supporters, they select what they will send and its all controlled by you!

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B4S Direcory
B4S Directories

B4S Directory provides a comprehensive listing of businesses across UK, helping customers find the perfect business to suit their needs. Join us today and list your business among the exclusive business in UK.

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Our Wedding Planner

Our platform will offer you a seamless and personalized wedding planning journey. With "OUR WEDDING PLANNER," you'll be able to create and share your custom wedding wish list with friends and family, making it easier for your loved ones to contribute to your dream day. Whether it's that stunning wedding dress you've always wanted, the perfect venue, or those unique decor pieces, we've got you covered.

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BoxAid (Coming Soon)

Could you adopt & support an NHS care worker, do you want to help hard working nursing & caring staff, would you pay for a care workers weekly food bill.

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OurBabyShower (Coming Soon)

Embracing the significance of your special day is our utmost priority. That's why we're dedicated to curating the ultimate online baby shower planning experience to help you transform your dream celebration into a reality

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Sending UK Armed Forces Care-Packages & Support for Family, Friends & BFPO

Sending a care package to British Forces personnel in the Army, Navy or RAF is now easy, just shop, build a wishlist & share it with your friends & family.

Are you a member of the Royal Air Force (RAF), British Army, or Royal Navy seeking or interested in receiving support care packages? Tired of not getting the items you truly need or want? B4S offers a solution – create your personalized wishlist and share it with family, friends, and supporters. They can then choose what to send, all while keeping you in control of the process!

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